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Yaw Dabo slams those who insult him

Yaw Dabo

Ghanaian actor, Yaw Dabo, has said people who insult him would probably treat him better if he was a member of their family.

Speaking on Accra FM, the actor noted that these people need to remember God created him the way he is for a reason.

“For those who insult me, maybe I am better than you. If I were in your family and I called you to do something for me, you probably would run to get it done. I would probably send you to get chairs if a funeral came home.

“To the person insulting me, should there be a funeral in your house, the wealthiest person will make you carry the coffin. Look, I always say, before you insult someone, you need to look at yourself before rubbishing me,” he advised.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that if he had been average-built, he wouldn’t have reached where he is today in life.

“Not everything you see with your eyes; you can talk about. This is advice to netizens who sit behind their phones and laptops to talk trash about other people,” he said.

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