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Kwame A Plus apologises to Moesha Boduong

Kwame A Plus and Moesha Boduong | credit: @kwameaplus & @moeshaboduong

Ghanaian musician and political activist, Kwame A Plus, has apologised to actress Moesha Boduong.

According to him, he has taken back the harsh words he used on Moesha when she earlier disclosed she has gone under the knife to look attractive.

A Plus said he formed part of the people who trolled Moesha when she admitted that she has had surgery to lift her butt and hips in order to look curvy and famous.

Nonetheless, A Plus’s apology to Moesha follows actress Nana Ama McBrown’s recent revelation that she had liposuction to decrease the fat in her stomach.

He explained that he sees nothing wrong with women going in for liposuction, hence the reason he is apologising to Moesha for spiting her in the past.

It is your body, Nana Ama, and we support you but before I support you, I am also apologising to Moesha because we trolled her… we made fun of her, so if I come to support Nana Ama and I don’t talk and apologise to Moesha, I am a hypocrite.

I grew up knowing that nail polish is wrong and that even watching TV was a sin. There are so many things that we knew that have changed now.

I have come to realize that just as we cut our hair when it grows. If you have a big tummy, go and remove the fat in it. If you don’t have money, go to the gym, but if you have the money go and do liposuction, A Plus said while appearing on UTV as a pundict.


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