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Monday, January 30, 2023

I have no plans to reshuffle my ministers

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President Nana Akufo-Addo has shot down calls to reshuffle his appointees, saying he has no plans to do so.

According to him, the performance of his ministers is in line with expectations when he evaluates them.

Pressure has been mounted on the President to terminate the appointment of some ministers and re-assign others.

In their view, the Ministers have become overly comfortable in their positions that a reshuffle could shake things up.

But the President believes the performance of his appointees has been outstanding though he admits there is an attention on reshuffling.

“People are making a lot of noise about this matter but several of the people who are responsible for assisting me to steer the difficulties of the country we inherited and have subsequently come are still in place.

“Many of them for me have done outstanding work, their output has been considerable and that is what I look at. The issue of reshuffling or the performance of ministers is not something every now and then my mind comes to but it is a daily preoccupation for me. I’m required on a daily basis to ask myself whether the output of a particular minister is up to the mark,” he said in an interview on a Tamale-based radio station.

President Akufo-Addo stressed he is the final authority and therefore if the output of a minister does not meet his expectation, he is required to act, adding if the output measures the expectations, then he no has strong reasons to heed the call.

To him, persons making those calls may have their own motives for that.

“The calls come for all kinds of reasons; NDC wanting to destabilise the government is one and people who are looking for jobs, who are behind those calls,” he stated.

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