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I Didn’t Enhance My Bortos, I Only Removed Fat From My Tummy

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TV host Nana Ama McBrown has confirmed reports that she has undergone liposuction to look pretty on screen.
She explained that it was a choice she made with 100 percent support from her husband.
“It is true, I have done liposuction,” she stated on UTV on Saturday, August 6.
She, however, denied working on her butts as rumoured.
“I have not done my bums,” she stated.
The award-winning actress said she will not encourage anyone to go for liposuction but her circumstances demanded that she went for it.
She said after childbirth, she had exercised to trim her tummy but all her efforts proved futile.
It was as a result that she went in for the tummy procedure.

In an earlier report, Nana Ama Mcbrown opened up about the things she did before going for a liposuction.

Speaking on the United Showbiz show, the 45-year-old mother of 1 disclosed that she used to go on diet and exercise a lot just to get a certain body shape.

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But along the line, she ended up with a flabby tummy which made her uncomfortable.

As a result, she decided to go under the knife to enhance her shape.

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But before going for the procedure, Nana Ama explained that she had been consulting her doctors for over a year. She added that she did a research about the procedure, the side effects among other things.

After she was satisfied with the results of her intensive research, she decided to go for it and even prayed to God to help her because she wasn’t happy with her body.

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