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Tracey Boakye and husband captured in a lovey-dovey mood

Tracey Boakye And Husband Dancing Source: tracey_boakye

Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye and her husband Frank Badu have stirred reactions on social media as they dance beautifully in a video that went viral on social media.

The newlywed couple could not take their hands off each other as they dance wearing matching clothes.

Tracey and Frank wore identical red and black t-shirts as they groove to Kelvin Boy’s ‘Down Flat’ tune.

Frank stood behind Tracey and held her tightly in an amorous and jealousy-inducing manner.

The two were overjoyed as they laugh and cheer gleefully to the music.


A couple of friends who surrounded them also cheered them on and admired the beautiful duad.

Tracey and Frank stole the headlines with their glamorous wedding, which took place last week.

The festivities have continued right after the ceremony as the two try to have fun everywhere they go. Their union is indeed a beautiful one.

Folks have enjoyed seeing the couple enjoy each other’s company and reacted with some lovely comments.

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