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Sarkodie will run for cover if Eno Barony battles him one-on-one- Sally Mann argues » GhBase•com™

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In the words of Sally Man, Sarkodie will be reduced to nothing if Eno Barony takes him on in a rap battle one-on-one.

She admitted that Sarkodie, who is touted as Africa’s foremost rapper could win in a long run but Barony will give him a good run for his money because she’s a force to reckon with but because she’s a female, people are not paying attention to her.

“We don’t really speak the truth in this industry. If Eno Barony should get on the same track to battle it out with Sarkodie, the latter might win, but Eno will give him a tough time“, the entertainment pundit said on TV XYZ.

In a related development, singer Sista Afia stirred another uprising in the realms of Hiplife after she shaded rapper Eno Barony in a lengthy post she shared on Facebook.

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Ironically, the post which was meant to elevate female artistes and make them more conspicuous in the mainstream instead of playing second fiddle to their male counterparts despite their quality- aimed a shot at Barony for not sustaining the hype she gave her a few years ago.

Her post punched holes in the voting system that has become the barometer for determining who wins what at the existing award shows in the country.

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Her post read; “In a country where award schemes are organized and don’t “favor” female musicians, you wonder why some female talents give up in this country called Ghana.

90% of the female musicians I came to meet when coming up in 2015 have all given up, the young ones too after me have started giving up already. Don’t blame them, the politics in this industry, purely witchcraft. Only few are still relevant, I can count five or maybe 6 ladies. One female rapper I helped win her biggest award in her entire music career did media tour and downplayed my effort, the whole industry came supporting her and she forgot what I started, helped put her there.

Thing is, I wanted to warn her that all those praising her today won’t do that when the hype dies, but since she felt she was there, she enjoyed the hype and acted ungrateful, today I can confidently say she and her music all turn beans, where’s that industry support today? Last year Sefa was everywhere, is the industry saying if she doesn’t buy vote (airtime) she won’t be awarded? Scam. She held a successful concert in HO and myself together with other musicians were there to support the event. Yet they will go ahead and pick someone else.

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