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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Paracetamol is our refuge – Woman who wails at funerals for a living opens up

A woman who weeps at funerals for a living has disclosed that their charges depend on the number of days they are tasked to weep.

Maame Ode, who is a professional Kete and Adowa Dancer, says sometimes they are charged to weep for several days and although they develop headaches, paracetamol comes to their aid.

She indicated that they do not need to know whoever is dead to cry because that’s the choice of career.

“I just have to see the person’s face and tears will be dripping from my eyes. We charge based on the number of days we have to weep. We sometimes weep for three days after which we take paracetamol for our headaches,” she told Delay in a yet-to-be aired interview.

In the Ashanti Region, weeping at funerals has been commercialised.

People are tasked to weep at funerals as a way of giving the departed a befitting burial.


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