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Sunday, February 5, 2023

How my mother chopped off my hands, slashed my face

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A young woman, Glory Smart Emenuwe, has narrated how she was almost killed by her mother for reasons unknown.

Opening up on her permanent scars in an interview, she revealed that the incident happened in 2013 in their backyard when she woke up to attend nature’s call.

To her, she thought it was a mere accident but some actions of her mother thereon made her realize it was a premeditated attempted murder.

“On that fateful day, while I was still very young, I woke up one night wanting to urinate, so my father asked my mother to lead me with a torchlight to the back of our house where I could urinate. 

“While I squatted to urinate, I didn’t know my mother had a machete in her hand. The next thing I remember was that she descended on me with the machete and I fell down.  While I was down, she continued to cut me all over my body and I was screaming. It was then that my father rushed out and collected the machete from her and raised an alarm, which attracted the neighbours”.

Unfortunately, by the time help arrived, her hands were completely off and she was bleeding from an open wound on her face. 

She narrated that her mother was consequently arrested, adding that she died while serving her sentence.

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