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Ghanaians must apologise to Moesha Boduong

Singer Efe Keyz has asked Ghanaians to apologise to social media vixen and actress Moesha Boduong over her body enhancement revelations.

According to her, it has become the norm lately, hence those who were against her should do what is necessary by apologising to the 32-year-old actress.

People were hitting on Moesha for so long for her body enhancement, but now it has become like she has opened the eyes of people.

Now that our favourites are doing it, then we need to apologise for some of the nasty comments that we said about her. I read some of them and defended her and if now people are willing to accept it then why were they thrashing her? She queried.

Earlier, Moesha became the talk of the town after she disclosed that she has enhanced her hips and buttocks, adding that, her curvaceous body wasn’t all natural.

Some Ghanaians bashed her for opening up on social media, with many putting out cuss words under her posts.

According to her, she opened the eyes of other celebrities to also get their body done in a way that is attractive.

She added that most of the celebrities admire liposuction bodies and want to have it but do not have the courage to undergo the knife until she took the first step.

Despite this, she complained that musicians and actresses, who have all gone to have their bodies done, keep deceiving the public that it is their real body.

Meanwhile, Efe Keyz is currently promoting her new single dubbed This Love.


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