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Christiana Awuni takes on Oboy Siki following his doom prophecy about Tracey Boakye’s marriage » GhBase•com™

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The godmother of Tracey Boakye in the film industry, Kumawood veteran Christiana Awumi, has responded to Oboy Siki’s dire prognostication regarding her daughter.

The brazen Oboy Siki, renowned for his bluntness, called Tracey Boakye’s most-discussed wedding a cover-up in an interview with SMART GHANA TV.

According to Oboy Siki, Tracey Boakye’s early-career ambition for achievement is what caused her to rise to fame in an instant.

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He said that since Tracey Boakye gave up acting to become a special media star, she has lost her grace and the respect of the majority of Ghanaians because she surrounded herself with foolish and immoral individuals.

In a personal conversation with Abena Gold, Christiana Awuni hurled scathing criticism at a fellow businessperson.

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She voiced her utter dismay at Oboy Siki’s pointless and unacceptable remarks.

Christiana Awuni asserts that even though Oboy Siki is 70 years old, he acts foolishly and that Ghanaians should not take his statements seriously.

She questioned Oboy Siki about the profit he will receive if Tracey Boakye’s marriage fails as he anticipates.

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