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Wahala as Kofi Adoma’s wife curses lady friend for revealing her facial identity on the internet   » GhBase•com™

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Kofi Adomah, a well-known journalist and broadcaster, and his wife have been hot topics on the internet for the last five days and counting for what seems to be the same cause.

Because she has never posted a photo of her true identity on any social media site, nearly no one in Ghana is able to recognize Mrs. Miracle Aodmah by her face. This is because the close family members and friends of the two power couples are the only people who know her true identity.

Her spouse, Kofi Adomah, has likewise never shared a photo of his wife’s face, and even when he does post images of himself and his wife together, he always makes sure to crop her face out of the picture.

It would seem that Mrs. Miracle Adomah abhors the attention that comes with social media and everything else associated with it; this is why she chooses to conceal her identity.

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The unfortunate truth about Mrs. Miracle Adomah’s identity has finally been found, and she is not in the least bit pleased with the turn of events.

A female Facebook user with the profile name Veronica Akua published a clip of Mrs. Miracle Adomah seriously dancing at an event without obtaining her permission in an article that has since been removed on Facebook.

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Later on, an enraged Mrs. Adomah entered Veronica’s email to scold and “curse” her for purposely committing the unpardonable since Mrs. Adomah is aware that Veronica has said on several times that she does not want her face to be revealed to the world.

As a result of Veronica’s decision to interfere in matters that are none of her business, Mrs. Adomah is irate and claims that her grandkids will suffer the same fate as Veronica’s grandchildren because Veronica has chosen to stick her nose into matters that are none of her business.

Veronica, in turn, responded to Mrs. Adomah’s curses by maintaining that the only reason she shared the video was to show the world how beautiful and powerful she is.

Have a read-through of the brief exchange that took place between Mrs. Adomah and Veronica.

Kofi Adomah’s wife ‘curses’ lady friend


Video of Afia Schwar exposing Kofi Adoma:


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