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Why go to IMF when your fetish priests turn leaves into money on live Tv? – Kumchacha questions gov’t » GhBase•com™

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Prophet Kumchacha wonders why the government does not resort to “spiritual” men (voodoo) who promise to bring financial aid in exchange for money.

Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchahca, bemoaned the regularity with which con artists disguised as juju (voodoo) robbed naïve Ghanaians of their hard-earned money.

He blamed our leaders and authorities for spreading cancer that afflicted our radio and television.

“It was recently reported that a guy was misled since he intended to multiply his GHc50,000 into a million cedis. Greed would undoubtedly motivate someone to take such drastic measures. If the person claiming such capacity (to double money) was genuine, wouldn’t everyone in his community be wealthy?”

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He also told Oman Channel about a scammer who pretended to be a dark arts expert and claimed to change leaves into money.

“I wanted I could smack some fetish priest through my television the other day.” He had collected leaves and said that he could transform them into money. If this is the same Ghana where some claim to be able to convert leaves into money, why is our president seeking financial assistance from the IMF?”

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However, Kumchacha also said that, despite the absurdity of such assertions, these con guys do not compel their victims. Instead, they feed on greed and dissatisfaction.

“It’s tough to grasp these things, but the problem is that if you’re irresponsible, you’ll probably wind up in problems since whoever didn’t compel you didn’t push you.” Kumchacha reminded out that they merely preyed on your greed.

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