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Sad news hits Selly Galley and husband

Selly Galley

Celebrity couple Selly Galley and Praye Tietia are crushed in spirit as they announce the demise of their dear friend Oscar Ugoh better known as Oscarthepublicist.

Oscar was Selly’s personal publicist and protégé prior to his demise.

He passed on three days ago after suffering a brief illness. He was hale and heart just a week before, when he visited Selly in her home.

In a touching tribute Selly wrote to her late friend, she recounted how they first met at a radio station aspiring to be a publicists when she was just 16 years old.

She said their relationship is that of a mother and son and Oscar has been of great help to her intellectually since they met.

The actress said she is devastated by the loss of the 24-year-old who was more like family to him and her husband.

She wrote:

“I found some great unconditional love for him as a mother would for a son and I was so proud I had ‘discovered’ a boy with such wide and rich knowledge in everything and an intimidating intelligence and confidence at such young age. Everyone who comes into contact with Oscar is awestruck in admiration.

“We hold conversations into the wee hours of the night, always upsetting my husband (which we enjoy), with our laughter and loud music.

“Am like a kid when am with my boy. I always look forward to his coming and staying over because I knew when I cook something delicious for Oscar he’ll tell me everything that’s happened with him in the few days he’s been missing in action especially with the girls, finances and work, things I needed to know so we polish all rough edges and quickly find solutions to any issue he’s facing. He’s so hardworking, independent and smart.

“And I was so proud watching him grow into the fine 24-year-old gentleman he is now about to turn 25, always happy and unbothered with life’s issues. A boy who listens and implements my advice, showers me with great compliments to get whatever he wants from me and makes me feel as special as he is to me.

“Great boy! My pride! My boy!”

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