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Nobody has touched Atta Mill’s body

Atta Mills & Koku Anyidoho

Founder of the Atta-Mills Institute, Samuel Koku Anyidoho has denied tampering with the remains of former President John Mills after supervising what the late ruler’s family has described as the ‘desecration’ of his tomb.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, Mr Anyidoho said he will not use the Asomdwee Park for partisan politics, but to rather honour a man he loves.

“The grave is there, nobody has touched it. Is it a crime to remove the dirty black cardboard that used to shamefully cover the grave of President Atta-Mills, and replace it with, granite stones,” he questioned.

Mr Anyidoho said he saw it as a shame that Sammy Atta-Mills, a blood brother of the late president has neglected the burial place of his brother but has decided to use the work the state is doing for dirty politics.

“Asomdwee Park is being built. A ‘wawa’ board was used to cover the grave of President Atta Mills; it has been removed and we are putting granite stone to raise the level and the image of the former President’s final resting place, is that what is hurting Sammy Atta Mills? What John Mahama refused to do, President Akufo-Addo is doing it; is that what is hurting Sammy Atta Mills?” Koku Anyidoho quizzed.

Atta Mills’ grave as shown by the minority

He continued: “Ask Sammy Atta Mills that in the last 10 years, has he ever visited Asomdwee Park to care for the remains of his brother? Where is the autopsy report? Sammy Atta Mills has questions to answer.

His comment comes after the family questioned whether the Atta Mills Institute founder could carry out such monumental activity at the tomb of the former President without the knowledge or consent of the family.

Brother to the late President, Samuel Atta Mills who addressed the media in Parliament on Tuesday, July 19, questioned the kind of rituals initiated before the tomb was barred.

He said they had gone to Asomdwee Park to prepare for the 10th Anniversary of the former President’s demise only to discover the tomb had been raised down and the casket containing his remains missing.


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