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My step sisters poisoned my mum because they wanted money from me

Scotland-based Ghanaian Esinam Jessica Adjika has alleged that her stepsisters caused her mother’s disability so that she would send money often for her treatment.

According to Esinam, the suspect called and confessed what her stepsisters contracted them to do.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Madam Esinam said the incident pushed her away from her home country, Ghana.

“She was supposed to come to help me with my second child because I had just given birth. However, they poisoned and killed her. That’s what makes me hate coming to Ghana, and I don’t have anything left there.”

“They called to tell me one morning that my mom was foaming. Later, somebody came out to say that my stepsisters hired them to poison my mum for her to be disabled so that we will send money to look after her,” she recounted.

Madam Esinam also shared some experiences as a first-timer in UK and Scotland. She said her sister reported her to the police and immigration, leading to her getting almost arrested.

“I met a Scottish and we fell in love but she badmouthed me to him. Apart from that, she reported me to immigration, and I had to leave for Ghana. Thankfully, my Scottish boyfriend came to Ghana and helped me to get a visa back to Scotland,” she added.


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