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Having Kids And Getting Married Are Not On My List, I Am Focused On Making Money

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Ghanaian failed musician cum entrepreneur, Fantana has revealed why she has no plans of getting married or having kids anytime soon.

The ‘No Dulling’ singer revealed she also does not trust anyone—hence having a tattoo around her chest not to trust anyone.

She hopes to be in love if her partner proves that he indeed loves her through his actions.

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According to her, her decision not to trust anyone comes from the experiences of some of her friends that she witnessed.

Due to that experience, she concluded that men are wicked and are found of breaking the heart of women.

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Fantana further stated that she has no intentions of having her own kids for now. She explained that raising kids is a lot of work. Even if she will give birth in the future, she said it will be just one.

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