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‘The Biblical creation story is never true, who was standing there when God said ‘let there be light?’ – 75-year-old Jamaican Eric Donaldson

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Eric Donaldson, a legendary figure in the reggae music genre, has said that the account of creation that is found in the Bible is only an invented myth.

In an exclusive interview broadcast on the Taxi Driver program on Class91.3FM on Monday, July 18, 2022, the 75-year-old Jamaican artist said that the Bible itself is “a con.” Blakk Rasta was the host of the conversation.

“I don’t know who you call a Christian. I don’t worship Jesus Christ for two reasons – more than two reasons – but listen to these: the Bible that they give us to read, which is supposed to cleanse you and make you holy, when I opened the preface, it said: ‘This book was translated out of the original tongues and it’s from a translation diligently compared and revised by Her Majesty’s Special Command King James, appointed to be read in the church’. So, I see that book is not for me. It’s for people who go to church. It’s a con”, he said.

“Then, in Genesis 1: ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form and void’, that means there was nothing; ‘and darkness upon the face of the deep and God said: ‘Let there be light and there was light and there was light’”.

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“Now, tell me something; where was that person who heard God say: ‘Let there be light and there was light? That means he was there before God. That story is fictitious, not true”, he argued.

Asked by Blakk Rasta what faith he subscribes to, Eric Donaldson, who is in Ghana to perform in the ‘Hands Across Africa’ reggae show, said: “I believe in me. It’s me and my imagination because I know the spirit of God dwells within man…”

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“People of Ghana, don’t let the powers that be, which is the Christian philosophy drive you out of your mind, drive you out of yourself because a person who is not in his own self is like a city that has been broken down and has no walls around him to protect it. Stay in yourself”, he advised.

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