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Pastor whose church members sit on canoes to worship God go viral » GhBase•com™

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From the video attached to this story John S. Mbiti, Kenyan author, got it right when he said that African people are “notoriously religious.”

Thus, an African man of God whose identity is yet not known has gone viral on the internet largely due to the sitting arrangement of his congregants as well s the location of the church building.

In the video, one can see the church members sitting on canoes at a waterlogged place while worshipping the Abrahamic God in eagerness.

It’s, however difficult to ascertain if the place had been flooded and the members desired to worship God on that fateful day and had to use canoes or if the church was built at that waterlogged place.

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So, we’ll let you watch the viral video so you share your honest opinion with us about the matter.


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