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Delegates should vote for those with brains not money – Hassan Ayariga

Founder and Leader of All People’s Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga, has advised delegates in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to vote for qualified candidates who are brain-powered.

According to him, some delegates will be influenced to sell their votes, hence the outcome of the elections wouldn’t be worth the party.

Speaking to GTV, prior to the commencement of the conference, he said:

We the APC are urging the delegates to vote for leaders with more brains than money, as you know in every election most people induce the voters with money not with their leadership skills. They must vote for a team that will help their government continue with the agenda.

If they need to move and win the 2024 elections, then they must vote for a team that will help their government to continue with the agenda. The president must know that times are tough. We wish them well and pray they present themselves peacefully.

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