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Blood in accused’s T-shirt was 100% positive after DNA – Investigator

The Investigator in the case in which Daniel Asiedu has been charged with murder, Chief Inspector Augustus Nkrumah, has told the Accra High Court that the DNA examination report delivered blood stains of the late MP on the accused’s T-Shirt.

Chief Inspector Nkrumah, the eighth Prosecution Witness (PW8) in the ongoing trial in which Asiedu alias Sexy Don Don is facing the charge of murder, also told the court that, blood stains on a cup that was found in one of the polytanks behind the deceased’s house was a 100% of Asiedu following the DNA examination reports.

Daniel Asiedu, alias Sexy Don Don, has been charged with the murder of the late NPP MP and has pleaded not guilty.

He is also facing a separate charge of robbery while together with Vincent Bosso (2nd Accused) are facing the charge of conspiracy to rob which they have both denied.

In court, on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the investigator while being led by Mrs Sefakor Batse, a Senior State Attorney to give further Evidence-in-Chief said, the findings of the crime scene exhibits examined were labelled from ‘Exhibits A to I’.

Detailing the finding to the court presided over by Her Ladyship Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, he said, some of the exhibits did not also return any DNA results.

For ‘Exhibit A,’ he said, it was a blood-stained cup that was found in one of the polytanks behind the deceased’s (JB Danquah) House and the DNA examination report was that the said exhibit was 100% of the first accused.

On ‘Exhibit B,’ Chief Inspector Nkrumah said, it was T-Shirt with the inscription ‘Hemisphere’ found in the deceased’s room stained with blood which the first accused person admitted was the T-Shirt he wore on that fateful day.

The said T-Shirt the investigator said which was also confirmed by the girlfriend of the accused delivered 100% DNA of the deceased person.

PW8 also said, ‘Exhibit C,’ which is the blood-stained bedsheets found in the deceased room also generated 100% DNA of the deceased.

Also, ‘Exhibit D,’ a blood Stained Hood or Cup, which happened to be a cup stained with blood found in House No.10, where Abigail Marfo (PW6) leaves also delivered 100% DNA of A1.

He explained, that, the said Abigail Marfo is a Prosecution Witness (PW6) in the case who lives in House No.10 where the first accused went to fetch her water in a drum to wash after (allegedly) committing the crime.

According to the investigator, the said House No.10, “I am referring to is opposite the adjoining house of the deceased’s across the street.”

No DNA results on MPs boxer

For ‘Exhibit E’, which were labelled E1, E2, and E3 he said, were lab swaps taken from House No. 10 Which were from the bathroom, drum, and compound.

He however said it did not generate any DNA results.

He explained that the bathroom is the bathroom of House No.10 where the first accused went to wash.

The big drum he said was the drum belonging to Abigail Marfo where the first accused fetched the water.

While the compound he referred to was House No10 where there were blood stains.

On ‘Exhibit F’, he said, was a plastic cup with blood stains on it which was allegedly used by the first accused to fetch the water and also delivered 100% DNA of the first accused.

Exhibit G he described as a vocal swap of the first accused person while ‘Exhibit H’ was the toenails of the deceased used for DNA examination.

‘Exhibit I’, he said, was the boxer shots the deceased was wearing but said it did not generate DNA results.

According to EIB Network’s Court Correspondent Murtala Inusah, all the said exhibits were tendered in evidence.

The court case has since been adjourned to July 14, 2022, for further evidence in chief of the witness.


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