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4 Ghanaian kids who have composed National Anthem for Gob3 go viral – WATCH » GhBase•com™

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Gari and Beans popularly recognized as Gob3 is one of the greatly popular dishes in Ghana. It is normally eaten with fried ripe plantain known in the Ghanaian local term as k)k)) and egg at times with vegetables like carrot and stream onion and finally pear.

Much energy is provided to the body when one eats beans and gari popularly known as Gob3. Y’all know that gari is rich in starch and operates as a basis of energy for the body.

So, looking at the enormous benefits that come with eating Gob3, it’s no surprise that every Ghanaian in his or her lifetime has enjoyed that food.

And as we speak, 4 Ghanaian kids have gone viral on the internet space following a national anthem or better still a song they have composed to eulogies the lifesaving food called Gob3.

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In the song, the 4 kids expressed their admiration for the food adding that Gob3 becomes the very best dish in the whole world when one adds pear when eating it.

More importantly, they also taught listeners or viewers how to prepare Gob3 and this has lit up the internet space as we speak. Enough, enjoy the kids in the video below:

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