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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Video of 36yr-old Ayisha Modi tw3rking and putting her hands in pants causes stir – WATCH » GhBase•com™

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Video of Ayisha Modi, formerly known as ‘she loves Stonebwoy’ has surfaced giving off the impression that she is sane and happy after her breakup with Stonebwoy.

In a video, Ayisha can be seen dancing and expressing her sentiments to the music playing in the background.

For reasons best known to her, the controversial philanthropist purposefully flaunted her enhanced curves and inserted her hands inside her pants.

Even though she’s been through a lot lately, Ayisha Modi’s tremendous weight reduction journey has become a problem for the actress.

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Before long, Ayisha was beginning to appear wrinkly, senile, and unhappy. There were also rumours that she had gone to mend her nyash, despite the fact that she seemed to be quite thin.

Ayisha Modi, on the other hand, has evolved a rather large set of curves. She likes the way she looks and how she feels about her new physique, however.


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