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This Is Why A Top Movie Producer Asked Me To Stop Acting With Agya Koo

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Kumawood actor, Akrobeto has revealed that he has been advised to never feature in the same film with Agya Koo.

According to the actor who doubles as a UTV presenter, the advice came from a top Kumawood movie producer. Akrobeto details that the producer said Agya Koo will outshine him if they feature in the same movie.

He named Kwasi Nyamekye, widely known as Miracle, as the producer who passed on the advice to him. According to the Real news host, he found wisdom in the advice.

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“I was advised against acting with Agya Koo because of his influence and might in the movie industry. I would not hide the name of the advisor. He is our very own Miracle, Kwasi Nyamekye. He acknowledged my talent and told me that I would not be recognized for my talent if I continue acting with Agya Koo because he would always outshine me,” he said.

“I saw wisdom in his counsel and decided to obey. So, he made sure we were not in the same movie till movie lovers began to accept me,” Akrobeto said in an exclusive interview on Peace FM.

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Akrobeto however admitted that Agya Koo has immensely supported his career. Accordingly, he recounted how often he shows gratitude to Agya Koo privately for his role in his success.

speaking Twi, he said, “no one can undermine the might and contribution of Agya Koo to the development of the Ghana movie industry, and I always praise him for paving the way for us. When I bought my first car, a KIA Sportage, I drove to his house to show him my new car and express my gratitude to him. Same happened when I bought my Venza.”

Speaking on why he is now opening up on this Miracle advice, Akrobeto said he has been quiet on the issue because he fears how Ghanaian bloggers would twist and misrepresent his words.

“I have been silent on this issue and I have tried to dodge journalists and interviews because of what journalists can do to your words,” he said.

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