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Hajia4Real doesn’t qualify to be called a musician; she has no musical talent – Kwaisey Pee » GhBase•com™

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Kwaisey Pee is voicing his dissatisfaction with the fact that Hajia4Reall has been given the title of a musician.

Hajia4Reall is not deserving of the title of a musician as he has no musical talent, according to an established figure in the Ghanaian highlife music scene.

Kwaisey Pee said as he was being interviewed on Empire FM that the Ghanaian socialite turned artist does not have any skill.

Kwaisey Pee asserts, in the course of his interview on the radio station situated in Takoradi, that the only reason individuals are interested in working with Hajia 4 Reall is due to her popularity on various social media platforms.

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“People will love to do a song with someone like Hajia 4Reall (Mona 4Reall) who is not a musician; has no musical talent but because of her large following,” he said.

Pushed to explain what he meant, he continued that “I know you want me to say something, so you use it for a story but truth be told, Hajia4Reall is not a musician. I am telling you”.

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He added that “you know what I’m talking about, but you want to push me so you say Kwaisey Pee said it,” he added.

As a reminder, Kwaisey Pee isn’t the first person to express concern over the hype being given to Hajia4Real.

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Ruthy, a highly-opinionated showbiz critic, has been very vocal in saying that acts like Cina Soul, Adina, S3fa and other ladies deserve better attention and hype compared to untalented Hajia4Real.




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