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‘Don’t travel outside if you have a better job in Ghana, I’ve regretted travelling’ – Man » GhBase•com™

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Rexford Adu Boateng, a Ghanaian, who now resides in the United Kingdom, has declared that he is sorry he moved to another country.

During an interview with Attractive Mustapha, the artist said that he is aware of the tremendous desire felt by many young people in Ghana, whether male or female, to leave the country due to the difficult living conditions there.

However, in his frank assessment, they need to loosen up and give that choice some more consideration.

He went on to say that there are plenty of occupations in Ghana that young people may do and yet have a fulfilling life.

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He related the events that had place during his time in the foreign country to substantiate his contention that it is not as simple as many people believe it to be to live in another country.

“Despite the fact that I have spent over 20 years living overseas, I will not argue that living abroad is bad. According to him, “it’s good for young males than it is for senior men.”

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He was quick to add that if someone has a better job in Ghana, they should concentrate on that rather than hurrying to find work elsewhere in the world.

He voiced his desire to go back to Ghana and start a new life there.

When asked about himself, he answered, “honesty, I have regretted moving overseas, since I would have been better off in Ghana given the ideals I have.” He was referring to the fact that he had moved away from his home country of Ghana.

Rexford Adu Boateng continued by saying, “It hurts me when I take the time to sit down and think about what we have in Ghana and how we have become slaves in the nation of the white man.”

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