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Oil & Gas Service providers call for enforcement of regular fuel storage tank cleaning rule – Citi Business News

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To ensure the quality of petroleum products sold at the pumps is not compromised, players in the oil and gas services sector are demanding the strict enforcement of standards and protocols across the value chain.

The National Petroleum Authority was established by law to regulate the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana and Benjamin Armstrong, the Managing Director at Bidi Group Ghana, believes the Authority ought to ensure the compliance of businesses in space to the regular mandatory cleaning of their storage tanks for instance.

Mr Armstrong stated that this would ensure residue accumulated in the tanks over the period does not find its way into the vehicles of consumers, which could damage their assets.

“The NPA requires that all fuel storage tanks at the fueling stations or gas stations be cleaned at least once every three years. This is because the fuel storage tanks build up sludge and water because they are buried underground, and fuel at a particular point in time decomposes into its various components. So, it is recommended that the fuel storage tanks are cleaned. But the challenge is that some of the oil marketing companies do not do it as regularly as required.”

“Technically, if a fuel storage tank is not clean, and sludge and water build up in a fuel storage tank, chances are that motorists will pick up the dirt and the sludge from the tank which can lead to damage to properties,” he added.

He spoke to the media on the sidelines of the Ghana International Product Awards (GIPA) where he was adjudged the CEO of the year of the Oil and Gas Services sector.

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