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Marry a woman with a Ghanaian mindset, not a western mindset

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Traditional marriage

US-based Ghanaian, Wofa Kay, has stated that he always prefers a Ghanaian woman to an American because he does not believe in the western way of marriage.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Wofa Kay mentioned that most divorces among Ghanaians abroad are caused by the adoption of western culture. According to him, many couples in America often try to portray the American lifestyle, but they cause separation.

“Back in the days, we knew that our fathers were the heads of the family. Our women didn’t have a problem cooking while the men went out to search for daily bread. It is different here.

“When a Ghanaian comes here and tries to compare ours to that of the westerners, it becomes a problem. I told myself that I wanted a woman with a Ghanaian mindset. I don’t want Americanised woman who believes in what a man can do, a woman can do,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Moreover, Wofa Kay indicated that misunderstanding comes into a marriage when there is confusion about who is the head of the family.

“If you believe that you can do what a man can do then why don’t you find a man and marry him. Why wait for a man to come to marry you. If you think you can’t submit, don’t get married,” he said.

According to Wofa Kay, he believes strongly in gender roles in his marriage because they got married on the principles in the Bible. Hence, there must be one head of the family, not two.


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