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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

I have also been used and dumped by a ‘Big Man’

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Harriet Naa Akleh Okanteh, commonly known as Aunty Bee, the well-known veteran actress has spoken about dating prominent individuals.

Having worked in the movie business for more than three decades, Auntie Bee has seen how certain guys will just sweep into the lives of female celebrities in order to taste them before leaving once they have achieved their goal.

She discussed how a well-known man who she claimed was a traditional ruler entered her life for a brief period of time solely for amusement before forsaking her as a result of her fame.

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“I quite remember, a respectable man came into my life. He expressed his love for me, and even proposed marriage, but after he ‘hit and ran’, it became difficult reaching him. At that moment, I realised he had just come to ‘taste me’. Do I look like soup? I really dealt with him to serve as a lesson.

“Yes, some men just hit and run but in my case, I considered his personality and thought that a man his age will respect himself…the painful part is the rough sex he took me through (laughs),” Auntie Bee disclosed in an interview with Hammer Nti.

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The actress, who is most known for her role in the television show “Efiewura,” claims she has observed some of her female coworkers go through difficult times after meeting men.

She went on to claim that during their relationship, these men avoided acting in certain ways due to their concerns.

“The moment they find out you are a public figure, the men will just come, hit and run. I don’t understand, and after the act, they start ignoring your calls. He starts to treat you like a nobody, and in some cases, they try to stop you from working or going on location. In cases when the lady can’t stand it, she has to call it quits to concentrate on her job,” she said.

Auntie Bee talked about her sad experience with the man who left her and stated she had mistakenly thought that her relationship was different due to his age and status.

“I don’t want to disclose his identity. He got ‘dignity’, a big man. He is more like a chief…he just led me on and now I don’t want to listen to any love song. For a moment, I felt we were going to tie the knot. I am thankful that we dated for almost three months before we got intimate, the reason why our breakup didn’t really affect me,” the actress disclosed.

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