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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Non-resident Ghanaians can use their passports for banking transactions – BOG – Citi Business News

The Bank of Ghana has issued a directive to banks in the country to allow non-resident Ghanaians who have not yet registered for or do not have access to their National ID cards to use their passports for banking transactions until they obtain their cards.

This directive comes a few days after banks started demanding the Ghana card as the sole ID for banking transactions as earlier directed by the Bank of Ghana according to the National Identity Register Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2111).

In this regard, customers of banks were asked to visit their banks to link their Ghana cards to their bank accounts.

In a supervisory guidance note on the use of the Ghana Card, the Bank of Ghana asked financial institutions to allow customers who have not linked their accounts to their Ghana cards to make deposits (cash, cheque and transfers).

Also, members of the Diplomatic Corps are to be allowed to use the foreign passport as a means of identification for banking transactions.

This is in line with the National Identity Registration Regulation L.I. 2111(2) which exempts the Diplomatic Corps from the usage of the Ghana Card.

Click here to read the full notice from the Bank of Ghana.

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