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Kumasi sports journalists present news like they’re running commentary – Kwabena Agyepong fires » GhBase•com™

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Sports presenter in Kumasi, according to him, often treat their reporting as if they are being chased by something or somebody.

Kwabena Agyepong told Oyerepa Breakfast Time on Thursday that certain sports presenters rattle in their presentation as if they were running commentary.

“Sometymer should tell these sports presenters a thing or two. They convey news as if it were a running commentary if you listen to them first thing in the morning. Listening to a man’s “rants and rattles” this morning made me believe that he was providing comments. Parker Wilson, the show’s host, heard about it from him.

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The main sports hosts in the city should take a look at what he stated because it is unprofessional and immoral.

Former sports broadcaster Kwabena Agyepong said that sports journalists who report as if they were doing commentary should avoid the bad habit and instead learn and adhere firmly to journalistic principles.

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This is not how we were envisioned, so they’ll have to be patient. Kwabena Agyepong made his point with conviction.

As a reminder, Kumasi sports presented have recently been under fire for their lack of professionalism in reporting on the sport.

Many people who are aware of the ethics of journalism believe that this practice degrades the profession’s good name and should be curtailed.





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