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‘EIB owes us unpaid salaries’ – Former staff exposes Dr. Kwabena Duffuor » GhBase•com™

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A former employee of EIB Network has refuted claims made by the founder, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, claiming the personnel of his media company are not given wages for the past nine months.

Early this week, reports of EIB Network personnel protesting over unpaid wages for several months and claiming over nine months in arrears surfaced.

Red ribbons were placed on office doors to signify a 72-hour work boycott by important on-air personnel.

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The former finance minister said, in an exclusive interview with Accra-based Asaase Radio on Thursday, July 7, that his media owes its employees “arrears of salary” rather than nine months’ worth of wages.

The politician further said that the claims that he cannot pay his workers but is funneling money into NDC politics are untrue in order to win cheap political points. He called it propagandist.

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“I have so many companies. I have not had any information that they are not paying themselves … EIB has been there for how many years? For seven to eight years, why will the workers be there and not be treated well?”

“I don’t believe that, it is propaganda, and if I want to support the grassroots of my party (NDC) what is wrong with that? Do you know what they go through? Go and see what they are going through in the rural areas. Since January they [EIB] have been paying them, there is no problem. It’s previous arrears they are talking about. So the management is handling that problem. Arrears and not payment of salaries”, he is quoted to have said in an interview.

However, given that the media group’s owner is well aware of the wage issues his media empire is facing, some current and former employees of EIB Network have exposed his lies.

In a reaction to his comment on Facebook, one Nana Ama Annor who claims to be a former employee mentioned that the EIB owed her several months’ salaries before she resigned.

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