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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

I’m sad and disappointed Daddy Lumba took credit for my works – Ofori Amponsah

Daddy Lumba and Ofori Amponsah

It looks like Legendary Highlife musician, Charles Kwadwo Fosu, known in Showbiz as Daddy Lumba, has had issues with almost all individuals he has worked with in the industry including his mentee Ofori Amponsah.

Daddy Lumba undoubtedly is recognised as one of Ghana’s favourite musicians but in his career, he has been accused by other musicians and industry players of a litany of other allegations.

His ‘son’ Samuel Ofori Amponsah who he met at age 18 has also accused Daddy Lumba of taking credit for songs he wrote which were later developed into a complete album

Daddy Lumba and Ofori Amponsah, in the year 1999, released an album titled ‘Wo Ho Kyere’ with Lumba being introduced on the album as the owner while Ofori Amponsah was the guest artiste.

But 23 years down the line, Ofori Amponsah claims the album was supposed to be in his name and not Daddy Lumba.

Ofori Amponsah also says he has no idea what actually transpired in the decision to make Lumba the owner of the said album which took them six years to produce.

Speaking on TV XYZ in an interview, Ofori Amponsah revealed that it should have been the other way round.

According to him, the whole artwork of the album and other things were done in Germany but after he came back to Ghana, he realised the whole concept was changed in favour of Daddy Lumba.

When asked by the host, Agyeman, about who changed it, Ofori replied “I don’t actually know but that was one of my episodes in my life I can say that, it was a painful episode because it wasn’t supposed to be Daddy Lumba featuring Ofori Amponsah, it was supposed to be Ofori Amponsah Ft Daddy Lumba.”

Meanwhile, Ofori Amponsah, in his interview, indicated that his comment on the incidents was not to disrespect his father Daddy Lumba but just to make the truth known.


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