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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Your parents will sack you if you stay without paying rent

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US-based Ghanaian, Nana Yaw Kwarteng, has stated that even parents will sack their overage children if they do not support them with rent and groceries.

In the case of Nana Yaw, he intended to live with his cousin for six months to find his footing and move out. However, he left in four to avoid dispute and maintain peace between himself and his cousin.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, he said his cousin’s actions were an indication that he wanted him out of his house.

According to him, his cousin did not directly ask him to leave, but their conversations almost turned into a brawl. As a result, Nana Yaw planned to leave the house.

“One thing about staying abroad is that you will be sacked if you don’t pay rent or support the house. Even if it is your mother. I packed out while it was snowing because I had to choose to maintain the family relation. I had only 200 dollars in my pocket, but I left.

“I gave him 400 dollars for rent and groceries, but he started complaining. He cooks and keeps it in a friend’s house. Sometimes, we contribute and cook, but he intentionally rejects the money,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Nana Yaw mentioned his last option was to come back to Ghana if he was unable to find a roommate.

“While speaking to my mum about the situation, a Ghanaian lady overheard the conversation and approached me with the same issue. She also wanted a roommate, but all I had left was 75 dollars. She paid my part of the rent in full,” Nana Yaw added.


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