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My dad can afford anything in this world, he worked hard for it so he decides what to do with his money- Cheddar’s son replies to those making noise about his expensive watch for 2022 Prom

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He spoke to YouTuber Ike Anderson and said his father’s riches entitle him to spend it on anything he wants including the posh Richard Mille watch he wore to the programme which is estimated to cost over three million cedis (₵3m).

“It wasn’t anything planned. We didn’t mean to go viral or anything. We just had a normal prom. That is our normal way, it is just a lifestyle…it is our parent’s money. They worked hard for it, therefore, they can do whatever they want with it,” the young boy said.

Goddy goes on to say he personally requested the watch from his father to also make a statement at the annual glamorous event which has inevitably become an avenue for showing wealth and power among affluent kids.

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On why his father spent a fortune on just a wristwatch he answered saying: “It is my father’s money and he can do whatever he wants with it. He worked hard for it and therefore he can spend it whatever way he likes.

“If he wants to buy a boat, he can buy it…If he wants to buy a Richard Mille he can buy it because it is only big boys who can buy Richard Mille. That is my dad’s watch and I wouldn’t have asked for any other watch,” Goddy said proudly.

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