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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

I Had A One Night Stand With A Lady I Gave A Lift But She Has Fallen For Me, I Only Wanted To Chop And Run

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An Uber driver is seeking help after a one-night stand with a girl is turning into a nightmare.

The Uber driver narrated his ordeal via Telegram. According to him, he met a young lady on his way home after closing from work.
He decided to give the young lady a lift to her destination after realizing she was walking alone by the roadside.

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However, he started chatting her and realised she wasn’t going home so he asked her to sleep over at her place.

They had a great time and enjoyed each other’s company. But after she left his house, she started posting his pictures all over social media professing her love for him.

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Well, the Uber driver only had plans of sleeping with her and going on his merry way but things didn’t go as planned.

He is now seeking help on how to handle the whole issue without hurting the feelings of the young lady.

Read his post below;

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