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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Ghanaian-owned water brand, Myst, was a key supporter of the NFL launch event. Myst supplied water at various camps, their community day and finally the fan zone event which concluded the week-long launch.

Myst water has a strong track record in sports, having supported the Accra Open Golf Tournament, Soccer Achievement Awards as well as individual athletes.

The dedication of both brands to high quality and hydration during sports was part of why the relationship came up.

Speaking exclusively to Citi Sports, Myst water’s Key Accounts and Visibility manager, Sally Arnaout explained why Myst jumped at the opportunity

“Myst was excited to work with the NFL because with sports comes hydration, we have a history of supporting sports. We felt our values aligned and our superior water would be perfect for this exercise”

She added that their product’s superior quality meant that it was a match made in heaven

“It is important to stay hydrated and sports organizations are drawn to us because of our quality, we also do not have any additives so we can guarantee purity so athletes are also drawn to our product”

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