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Monday, August 15, 2022

Manhunt for Egyptian judge accused of wife’s murder

Shaimaa Gamal became notorious a few years ago for appearing to snort heroin live on air/ Credit: @Shimaa_gamal7

A huge manhunt is underway in Egypt for a leading judge accused of murdering his television presenter wife, who he reported missing from a shopping mall near Cairo three weeks ago.

A man, claiming to be the Judge Ayman Hajjaj’s accomplice, had led the authorities to a farm where Shaimaa Gamal’s body was found, the public prosecutor’s office said.

Officials at the scene said an attempt had been made to disfigure her body in order to prevent identification.

The public prosecutor’s office said its investigations had proved that the TV anchor was last seen with her husband at the shopping centre.

The judge is deputy chairman of Egypt’s powerful council of state, which has lifted his immunity.

An international arrest warrant has also been issued as Mr Hajjaj had recently obtained visas for Canada and Poland.

Gamal became notorious a few years ago after appearing to snort heroine live on air. She said the substance was sugar, but the TV presenter was suspended for three months.

Statistics show that one third of women in Egypt are victims of domestic violence.

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