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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Don’t blame us for rising food prices

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Vladimir Putin at a working meeting in Moscow last week

Russia is not to be blamed for increasing food prices on the African continent, the Russian Embassy in Accra has said.

According to the Embassy, the Ghanaian media has fallen for a ploy by the West to blame Russia for increasing food prices worldwide.

In series of tweets Thursday, the Russian Embassy accused the media of deliberately ignoring the fact that policies of the West had triggered economic challenges on the African continent since 2020.

“The Ghanaian press continues to carbon-copy the Western mainstream trying to persuade local readers that the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is to blame for the increase in bread prices,” the Russian Embassy said in a tweet.

“At the same time, journalists shyly keep silent that food and energy prices began to rapidly rise already in early 2020 due to systemic miscalculations of the financial and economic policies of Western countries during the coronavirus pandemic.”

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