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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Okudzeto chides Joseph Akamba for wielding gun during Arise Ghana demo

The Member of Parliament for North Tongu constituency, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has said he does not endorse the NDC’s National Organiser, Joshua Akamba, for wielding a weapon during the Arise Ghana demonstration.

During day 2 of the highly-patronized protest, the NDC National Organiser was spotted wielding a gun which was later seized by the police.

Reacting to this on Burning Issues, Mr Ablakwa said the demonstrations were organised to express feelings and for that matter, it was inappropriate for Mr Akamba to carry a weapon along.

It is his opinion that the National Organiser was protecting himself but feared the weapon could have accidentally fallen into the wrong hands which may cause chaos.

“If it’s really true that the National Organiser went to the demonstration with a gun, then I don’t endorse it, it’s something I will not endorse. I mean it can fall into the wrong hands and may cause a problem”.

“That is why when the Fix The Country wanted to organise an armed demonstration, I was one of those who condemned it,” he added.

Samuel Okukdzeto Ablakwa further suggested that the police be given autonomy to be able to work effectively. He feels the president and his Vice have been given too much power by the Constitution including chairing the Police Council.

“I think the constitution should be reviewed its high time the Ghana Police Service it’s given the autonomy to work effectively. The president has been given too much privilege to even appoint the IGP and the vice president chairing the police council.”

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