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Ghana needs Rastafarian President to save the country

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Presidents of Ghana have been afro, grey, and bald, and yet many people are persuaded that the nation is slipping behind in terms of economic progress and prosperity.

Ras Kuuku, for example, feels that a rasta man’s thoughts might help solve Ghana’s current difficulties.

A Rastafarian president should consequently be elected in Ghana according to the reggae act.

Ras Kuuku, speaking to CTV about galamsey and other issues in the nation, stated, “The system has changed. In our nation, the whites come and mine our lands for resources, which they then utilize to grow their own countries.

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“Now we have to collaborate with them and share the gains,” he said. Somewhere between 50% and 60% of the population is influenced by the conduct of these people.

As reported by Ghanaweb, Ras Kuuku reportedly said that “Ghana needs a Rastafarian to rescue the nation, and as such, it is his intention that a Rastafarian reign as the president of Ghana.”.

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Ras Kuuku also said that he used to smoke cigarettes, but that he quit while he was in high school.

“Personally, I have stopped smoking jot. I used to smoke it during my secondary school days but when I realized its side effects, I stopped talking about taking it. Cigarette spoils the voice. Anyone who smokes a cigarette has a cracked or broken voice,” he said.

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