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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

No scientific proof sucking breast cures or causes cancer

A Radiographer at the Peace and Love Hospital, Grace Anim, says there is no scientific proof that sucking the breast could cure or give one breast cancer.

“There is no scientific proof that if you have the disease and your husband sucks it you will get a cure. There is also no scientific proof that when your boyfriend sucks it you will get the disease,” Ms. Anim stated.

“So getting the disease or curing the disease has nothing to do with fumbling with the breast,” she added.

Ms. Anim said this when the Bethel Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, Osu organised a free health screening exercise for residents and church members in Accra last Sunday.

The radiographer, therefore, encouraged women to know their breasts and check them regularly in order to know if there was a problem or change.

“We encourage every woman to know their breast, check it, and know their status. When the breast is free, you have to do a self-examination to know the position of your breast,” she said.

“You can examine your breast anytime the breast is free because our men hold it anytime. So whenever it is not in the brassiere, fumble with it so that your hands get used to your breast. And when there is a problem you will be the first person to detect it,” she added.

Ms. Anim also advised women to be hygienic as infections could cause problems for the breast.

“We women sweat a lot around our breast. For instance, one can wear one black brassiere for six months without washing. Others have also turned their brassieres into banks where they keep their monies,” she emphasised.

“Don’t you know mad people buy ‘waakye,’ buy porridge and when you unknowingly take such monies and put them under your breast where you sweat a lot, you get an infection?” she quizzed.

Ms. Anim again said that every woman should have a baseline mammogram at age 40.


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