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Acknowledge us – Prominent video director fumes at award organizers

Music video director, Kofi Awuah, has expressed his concerns about the low motivation in the music industry to celebrate the hard work of music video directors.

The music video director described as unfair the decision by award organisers to give video awards to artistes whereas the directors are to be credited for the outstanding work.

Mr Awuah particularly registered his displeasure on the issue of giving out the “Best edited video” award to the artiste and not the director who exerted his time, effort, critical thinking skills and creative abilities to make the music video.

The music video director in addition said that money gained after a video shoot in most cases is not encouraging, hence it is important to motivate music video directors by eulogising their works through award schemes.

He suggested separate award schemes to be organised solely for behind-the-scene crews who inject same, if not more energies into music.

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