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“Your clitoris can disappear when you’ve been off s3x for a long time” – Doctor tells GH Ladies » GhBase•com™

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Online debate has broken out over a comment made by a medical doctor known as “Doctor Penking” on social media.

If you’ve ever wondered why your clitoris won’t react, this doctor has the answer.

Some of the women I follow on social media don’t know. The clitoris may cease reacting to stimulation and atrophy, or it may completely vanish. Clitoral atrophy is the medical term for this condition.

Clitoral atrophy may be caused by a variety of factors, including infrequent usage, hormone imbalances, and decreased blood supply to the clitoris itself.

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The clitoris may also cease reacting and finally disintegrate if a woman has not had an intimate relationship with a male for an extended period of time, according to Dr Penking. He stated that the clitoris is shrinking with time, which is what’s causing this.

Finally, the clitoris fades away over time. Clitorial disuse atrophy is the term he uses to describe it.

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As a consequence of this, he urged women who have been stating that males are frauds to locate a guy to rescue their clitoris.

After seeing this, several social media users expressed concern. It’s possible that this is why some women declare they don’t have feelings for a guy.

Doctor tells GH Ladies

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