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Drunkards Association of Ghana launches E-Drink app to save members’ lives [Video] » GhBase•com™

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The Drunkards Association of Ghana has launched an E-Drink app to safeguard its members from being hit and killed by automobiles when crossing highways while intoxicated.

This was revealed by the association’s president, Moses Onyah, commonly known as Dry Bone, in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV.

According to him, the effort would eliminate the need for members of the organization to go great distances to purchase alcohol and become engaged in accidents when crossing highways on their way home.

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Dry Bone went on to say that his members would be able to order whatever type of drink and the quantity they wanted from the comfort of their own homes, and it would be delivered right to their door.

“The E-Drink will allow the members to request alcoholic from the nearby drinking spot by going to the Drunkards Association Facebook portal, click on the E-Drink, select the nearby drinking spot and choose the kind of drink you want.

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“When the app is activated, it will reduce the death rate among our members who are killed by moving vehicles, in an attempt to cross roads due to over-drinking,” Dry Bone said.

He asked alcohol enthusiasts to register on the association’s Facebook page by submitting their photos and personal information in order to gain access to the E-Drink app.

He believes the program will help minimize preventable deaths among their 6.6 million subscribers.

He went on to suggest that the government establish an insurance scheme for his members that would serve as a sort of pension for them in their old age.

He said that he and his members consume around 1.6 million gallons of alcohol each year, which contributes to the employment of many Ghanaians in the alcoholic beverage producing business.

He stated that by consuming alcohol, members of his organization contribute to the country’s economy, and hence the government should not prohibit them from doing so.

Watch the interview below;

Source: GhBase

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