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Wo tw3 dompe dompe- Nana Agradaa goes off on Joyce Blessing for giving her ‘thing’ falaa to her husband and testing him at midnight » GhBase•com™

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In a continuation of their protracted feud, Nana Agradaa whose Christian moniker is Mama Pat since her conversion to Christianity has come her for her favourite antagonist Joyce Blessing one more time as seen in a fresh video.

The video which was shared by @SweetSonia Mama Pat captured the moment Nana Agradaa unleashed obscenities at the award-winning gospel musician for chasing her husband and making passes at him.

The so-called clergywoman further said Joyce Blessing’s v@gina is bony and doesn’t fit the requirement of her husband who likes fleshy vajays such as what she offers him.

Looking visibly peeved, Nana Agradaa said Joyce has been texting her husband for a long time for a sexual romp but she got aware of it in the initial stages and nipped it in the bud.

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Watch the video below;

Similarly, Nana Agradaa recently revealed why she will never leave Joyce Blessing referencing their age-long beef which potentially has no end in sight.

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She was heard saying in a new video that the effrontery with which Joyce came at her knowing very that she has wobbly feet is what has annoyed her to the core and has decided to continue taking the fight to her.

Mama Pat further detailed how Despite Media Group spearheaded by Fadda Dickson masterminded the collapse of Joyce’s marriage to Dave Joy.

She threw shots at all the staff and hierarchy of Despite Group saying they lack sense and dabble in foolery too much.

The video shared below has all the details as she shreds her favourite antagonist Joyce Blessing into pieces for starting a war she knew she could not finish.

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