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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

I drank 14 bottles of ice kenkey after smoking ‘wee’ for the first time – Joe Frazier

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Joe Frazier, born Andrew Agyen, an iconic Hiplife legend, has disclosed why he decided to stay away from marijuana popularly called ‘wee’ throughout his music career.

According to the Ghanaian rapper, he was once convinced by his teenage friends to smoke wee and after doing so he ended up drinking 14 bottles of iced kenkey from a shop nearby.

He revealed: “I’ve tried smoking wee only once in my life and after smoking, I drank a total of 14 bottles of iced kenkey so since that time I have vowed not to try smoking marijuana again.”

“I had a squad who was into drugs and that was way back before I started doing music so they convinced me to just try to pull a puff of the marijuana,” he recounted.

He added “by then I had never smoked wee before so we were passing each other with the wee and I wanted to prove to my friends that I’m also a guy so after 15 minutes I didn’t feel anything.

“However, after 25 minutes I started laughing for almost 30 minutes non-stop and when we got to a supermarket that sells iced kenkey, I drank a number of bottles so after counting I realised I’ve consumed 14,” he ended.


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