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Man breaks hearts with emotional note before committing suicide

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A photographer, identified as Emmanuel Omole, has reportedly committed suicide after finding no solution to the life issues he was battling.

Emmanuel, according to a post by his friend on Facebook, took his own life after leaving a cryptic note, apologising for the fatal decision he took.

The deceased wrote about how he felt he was a failure in life despite all means to make it in life ended in a crossroad.

According to him, he was fighting personal battles he couldn’t even tell anyone about, and had to pretend that all was fine.

“I have been surrounded by people who have honestly thought that I was okay, but I haven’t been okay for a while. I really fight some battles that I can’t even open up to people close to me but I guess it is bigger than me, now it is winning the battle over me,” a portion of the suicide letter read.

He urged his relations to vocalize their feelings and get help always before it’s too late.

To his mother, he begged for forgiveness for breaking her heart, while assuring her he is at peace.

Emmanuel’s death has left a hard blow in the hearts of those who knew him as they have taken to social media to mourn and apologize for not spotting his troubles.

Read suicide note below:

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