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Sad: Student in tears as parents ignore his graduation ceremony, says it is the saddest day of his life

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Jeric R. Rivas was alone on his graduation day. Photo: Next Shark. Source: UGC

While most parents would always make time to celebrate the education success of their kids, however busy their schedules are, it was not with a young Chilean student.

Jeric R. Rivas’s joy barely lasted for long on his graduation day after his family, especially his parents, failed to show up for his special occasion.

The heartbroken graduate broke down as he receives his diploma in Bachelor of Science in Criminology as Criminology Service Awardee at La Concepcion College San Jose del Monte Bulacan.

The young man could not hold back his tears when his name was called as he looked around, hoping to spot his parents, who were a no-show at the Philippine International Convention Center.

One of his professors, who has been hosting him during his tenure at the university, walked with him to the stage to offer moral support.

It was not the first time that Rivas, the only child in their family to graduate, had been left feeling alone and unloved.

Buhay Teacher reports that when he was in elementary school, his parents did not bother to go for the graduation day even though the school was in their hometown.

In high school, a father’s friend offered to be present on his recognition day after Rivas asked him to, hoping his parents would make it.

Rivas’ parents did not make it and were absent the following day for his graduation ceremony.

After hearing his touching story, one of his professors took him in as he continued with his university studies.

In his pursuit of the dream of graduating, Rivas has found himself in some unfamiliar work territories, including a housemaid, fast food service crew member, and factory worker.

All the sacrifices paid off as he finally graduated, and his professors and colleagues gave him a warm round of applause.

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