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I lost my virginity to rape but I enjoyed it

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Actress Kisa Gbekle has addressed a myth of sexual abuse as she makes reference to her childhood experience.

In a bizarre but all-too-real twist, rape victims sometimes enjoy the nonconsensual intimate act, a situation that makes some victims feel guilty.

This is the exact case of actress Kisa Gbekle, who disclosed in a latest interview on UTV that despite losing her virginity to rape, she enjoyed the act.

At a tender age of 15, she said she was taken advantage of by the son of a family trustee while her parents were on a travel.

She said the situation was more like ‘mama ne dada’ games involving herself and the 18-year-old.

Kisa confessed that she enjoyed the series of acts as she was too naïve to understand that her human and sexual rights were being violated.

Irrespective of their young age, she said it resulted in a police case, before it was subsequently settled at home.

However, Kisa said she did not tell the enjoyment details to her family as she had already been punished for the act, recounting how pepper was inserted into her private part.

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