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I find it disrespectful to be giving money on camera — Sarkodie » GhBase•com™

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Sarkodie, a Ghanaian rapper, has stated why he doesn’t show off his wealth in public. 

The multi-award-winning performer says that because of his profession he has to do things that go against his nature.

Sarkodie made the point on “Podcast with Mac” in Nigeria on June 21, 2022, that he considers it insulting to give money to individuals in front of the camera.

In spite of what many artists do, Sarkodie has decided he would not follow in their footsteps.

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He believes that anybody, particularly women, may offer money to someone and then utilize that person for their own ends without any thought of reciprocation.

Although he regularly helps those who aren’t well-known, Sarkodie says he won’t hand out money on the street no matter what others think.

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“I think as my Michael, the job I don’t go with the job I took because the job I took shows me you have to do this, which I cannot do. I think Africans like it when people come and throw money, even when they have bad intentions, they still like them and you will end up being in trouble, like even with women, men spending money and use you but they think that is where you have to be but then they have a motive that is not compared to the person that was not giving you money but truly wants to spend real-time or offer something real.

“So in Ghana, I hate it when they have a camera on me and I have to give money to people. My meaning of that is I don’t respect you, so if I have money, I have to give you, there is a way I have to do it.

“But funny enough, that is what our people want and I’m not ready to change for that because it doesn’t feel right in me, so it comes across as you are a stingy person because when I have a camera on me and I meet my fans, I am not going to give you money. I am not going to force it because I have a camera on me. I do support people, but that is with me. I just feel like doing it,” he explained.

This comes after many Ghanaians, particularly his fans, accused Sarkodie of being stingy towards them and refusing to give out money on the streets like other artists such as Shatta Wale, Medikal, and others do for their fans.

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